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Care Instructions

All our products are close to our hearts and we want you to relish them for long. All that you need to do is shower some love on them and follow the below mentioned easy care instructions.

  • Make your furniture's polish long lasting by utilizing coasters or mats before keeping hot, cold or wet materials directly on its surface.
  • Avoid staining your furniture by immediately wiping the spills with a dry, soft cloth.
  • For cleaning purposes, use a damp cloth. Do not use glass cleaners for the same.
  • Dusting your product daily with a lint-free cloth is essential.
  • Avoid placing candle wax or rubber materials directly on your furniture to avoid stains. Utilize coasters, mats, trivets etc.
  • Change the position of the accessories placed on your furniture periodically so that they don't sit and leave a mark in the same place.
  • Do not drag objects across the furniture's surface. Lift and place them carefully.
  • A 3-month wax-rub down is highly recommended for solid wood furniture.
  • Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight, it may affect its color and polish.
  • Place the products away from heating or air conditioners to avoid loss of moisture.
  • Wood may expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity. Maintain consistent humidity levels to minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping.
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